I have a corkboard in my apartment to help me keep track of all the projects I am working on or plan to be working on next. It is always full. It contains slips of paper with little more than the name (or very short description) of the project along with a list of supplies I have or need and maybe a short very high-level list of steps if I’m feeling froggy and still have room on the small piece of paper I use. And the thing is still full. In short: I have too many projects and no where near enough time in the day for them all. But that’s not going to stop me from trying. Since the board is already full with just the names and supplies needed, the details about how to do each project end up scattered all over: on my computer, in a notebook, on pieces of paper my cats knock off the counter and under the couch… In short: everywhere. And more often than not, I forget where I left my notes (or can’t find where the cats hid it) and start over from memory. I often end up with multiple versions of the plan for how to make something. I need a better version control (you’d think the computer would help but so far not so much).

Add to that the occasional requests I get after posting pictures of my latest project to ‘make me one please’ or ‘can you teach me how to make one?’ and I figured maybe I should just start a blog. It’ll be a convenient place to corral my notes, post progress pictures and lessons learned, and should work as an effective version control (since I can easily go back and see what my plan was on the date that I posted it). And I can point anyone who wants to learn how I made something to the blog and wish them luck.

This blog will be as much for me as for anything, so it will be highly informal and probably not updated regularly (writing blog posts takes precious time away from working on the actual project). It may or may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t live in my crazy brain so if you have questions please ask.

You have my permission (from now til Ragnarok comes) to use any patterns I make for anything you want so long as it is not illegal. However, if you are going to be selling it (for actual monies above and beyond the cost of materials), I ask that you contact me first. Some of my patterns will be modified from or inspired by patterns from other people. When possible, I will post a link to the original source. I’m not a lawyer so you’re on your own for figuring out what the rules are regarding using those for anything other than personal use (I’m pretty sure personal use is allowed. I hope it is…).

Welcome to the Madness.