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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is my favorite holiday because, really, who doesn’t love free candy and the opportunity to dress however you want and not get quite as many weird looks. It’s super awesome. And has its basis in Christianity (not just Paganism like some uber-religious people think), though like all modern holidays, has changed heavily over the years.

I did actually get some quilting work done this weekend in between helping my roommate move in and getting the apartment prepared for the party tonight, but I was working on super secret projects so I can’t post pictures yet. However, I can tell you that Mystery Lap Quilt #1 is now finished! It took me about 8 months (depends on what you consider to be the start date) to finish it. I’m hoping I can do better on the next few lap quilts on the docket.


The other thing I did this weekend (last night really) is make a jack o’lantern. And that I can totally share pictures of. And will, because it’s adorable. Also, turns out my new roomie is a pretty awesome artist.  I’m excited. She’s the one who drew the design on the pumpkin. (apologies for the slightly blurry pictures)


With light!

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