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Fancy Coat Friday

Happy Friday!

Aren’t you glad the weekend is almost here so you can get some real work done? :p

As I mentioned yesterday, I have another Tardis project in the works, although this one is still more in the planning/development stage.

I decided I wanted to do a Tardis cosplay. Because why not, really? I’ve made other cosplays (mostly for use at Halloween because when I go to conventions I’m usually volunteering and thus often have a dress code), which I will post pictures of at some later date when I track down decent pictures of them…

I toyed with titling this post ‘frock coat friday’ because it’s fun and alliterative but it is a bit misleading as frock coats were only for men. But the jacket is knee-length in back. And rather old-fashioned in appearance. So it’s sort of the women’s version of a frock coat. A very low cut version designed to show off the bustier, which is after all why I selected this pattern of the several rather awesome looking jacket patterns I could have used. This one offered the best ability to include the “police public call box” and windows as a separate piece from the rest of the jacket so I can use the jacket for other things as well. The Tardis is a very pretty shade of blue.

The pattern I will be using is Simplicity 2172:


It comes with a skirt but I’m not overly fond of that pattern. Although it might be interesting to do the top part blue and the bottom part something spacey, as if I was floating in space. That would look cool.

Here’s more or less what it will end up looking like (along with a few of my notes):

tardis cosplay.jpg

I’m thinking for the pants/skirt (I haven’t decided which yet) I might do something spacey or otherwise timey-wimey. But that’s for another post and a later date as is the bustier.

For the buttons, I saw some very cool steampunk-y clock buttons that would perfect if I can find them again…

I’ve been debating the merits of making the sleeves detachable. I have another pattern that I can use as a reference for the modifications required. And it would enable me to wear the jacket even on warm days (or in an over-crowded and thus overly warm convention room).


And of course I will need some kind of awesome hat to go along with it, possibly a fez 😉


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