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Welcome to the Madness

Hello! Welcome to the Crafty Corkboard, a blog I started to track and document the various crafty things I do in my oh-so-copious free time. If you’ve read the About section, you already know that. If not, here’s an excerpt of the most relevant info:


“I have a corkboard in my apartment to help me keep track of all the projects I am working on or plan to be working on next. It is always full. It contains slips of paper with little more than the name (or very short description) of the project along with a list of supplies I have or need and maybe a short very high-level list of steps if I’m feeling froggy and still have room on the small piece of paper I use. And the thing is still full. In short: I have too many projects and no where near enough time in the day for them all. But that’s not going to stop me from trying. Since the board is already full with just the names and supplies needed, the details about how to do each project end up scattered all over: on my computer, in a notebook, on pieces of paper my cats knock off the counter and under the couch… In short: everywhere. And more often than not, I forget where I left my notes (or can’t find where the cats hid it) and start over from memory. I often end up with multiple versions of the plan for how to make something. I need a better version control (you’d think the computer would help but so far not so much).

Add to that the occasional requests I get after posting pictures of my latest project to ‘make me one please’ or ‘can you teach me how to make one?’ and I figured maybe I should just start a blog. It’ll be a convenient place to corral my notes, post progress pictures and lessons learned, and should work as an effective version control (since I can easily go back and see what my plan was on the date that I posted it). And I can point anyone who wants to learn how I made something to the blog and wish them luck.

This blog will be as much for me as for anything, so it will be highly informal and probably not updated regularly (writing blog posts takes precious time away from working on the actual project). It may or may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t live in my crazy brain so if you have questions please ask.”


All caught up? Great. Moving on…

As I said, this blog is mostly for me to keep track of stuff, but it’s also for you dear reader so if you have a question or a suggestion or a challenge (I love those), please do post a comment or contact me.

Most of the projects I do are sewing related. I occasionally branch out into other things too. Also, I am a massive geek so a lot of what I work on is geeky/nerdy. When I started out I mostly made little stuffed critters and Halloween costumes/cosplay. I have somewhat recently gotten into quilting and am currently on a quilting kick (mostly because a bunch of my friends/family members are at the age where they are having children and baby quilts make great gifts and are super easy. Plus some of the panels they make for baby quilts are really adorable. And it’s a good way to get comfortable and try out new techniques without committing to a huge project).

Rather frequently lately I’ve been doing a lot of ‘Mystery’ projects. What are mystery projects? Mystery projects are things I am making for a specific person that are intended to be a surprise. Just in case that person happens to have found this blog, I don’t want to ruin the surprise by posting in-progress pictures or too many details before I give it to them. So these projects will be classified as ‘Mystery’ and I will be extremely vague on the details. (I apologize in advance for any infuriation that may cause.) Since I’m currently on a quilting kick, most of my mystery projects are baby quilts. I plan to graduate to lap quilts soon (once the current baby boom has subsided and I’ve managed to make a few extra to put aside so I’m not caught off guard next time).

I rarely do requests, so if you really like something I’ve made I recommend making one yourself or begging some other seamstress to make you one. That’s why I’ll be posting my patterns/notes. Sometimes people manage to persuade me to make them something. Usually when I don’t have many other projects lined up. Usually cookies are involved. I like cookies.  I also like challenges. The difference between requests and challenges being requests are something I make for you. Challenges are something I make in general and post the pattern for and might give to you if I feel like it.


The Plot (Scheme/Plan/whatever) for how this blog is going to work:

I will try to post at least once a week. Work and life and stuff tend to interfere with that but I’ll do my best. I envision a schedule something like this:

  • Sunday evening status check: where am I at with my sundry projects? What did I get done over the weekend (if anything)?
  • Time-warp Tuesday: because I’m a rebel like that. And have a different plan for Thursdays. At least once a month I want to write-up a project I’ve done previously and this would be the day I would post it. Also a good day for posting pictures of the mystery projects whenever it’s safe to post them. (i.e. when they’ve been given out already)
  • Thursday Thor’s Bane (Plots and Mischief): basically just my plan for the next 7 days (most importantly the weekend). Not nearly as cool as it sounds.
  • Futuristic Fridays: the day when I look into the future… sort of. This will be the day I post ideas I have for future projects (i.e. ones I haven’t started yet). Some of which I might never get around to, but I’ll post my thoughts/designs and maybe someone else will be awesome and make one and send me a picture. Also known as Fantasy Fridays (as in, I fantasize about having time for all the projects I dream up).

As for the other days, I might post pictures of works-in-progress but Mondays and Wednesdays are my best fabric-cutting days and Saturdays I’m either diligently working on projects (lolz) or out and about having adventures and pretending to be social. Either way, not much time for blog-writing.

Hopefully all that made sense.

Welcome to the Madness!